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                    Manually Operated Butterfly Vavle(D341)



                    MATERIALS OF MAIN PARTS


                    This series of butterfly valves are suitable to be used for industrial pipeline as two-way open-closing and regulating devices.The scope of regulation is from 4o°to 90°fully open.If the valve is one-way used,the recommended pressure direction of closing is shown on fig.


                    1.The disk is truss framed with two-plate and flow-resistent is lower.
                    2.It has reliable sealing structure for two-way stopping without any leakage.
                    3.The axle sleeves are self-lubricanted bearing. Oiling is not need and friction drag is small during operation.
                    4.Rubber sealing can be replaced on pipeline without removing the valve (DN>700).
                    5.Several kinds of actuators with reliable performance and agile operation are supplied for the liser's selection. Wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting.


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